My name is Adrian. I am a practicing medical doctor in Singapore. I am married to my wife of 16 years C, and we have 4 children, namely, J, M, I and V. My youngest V is 8 this year and is the only rose amongst 3 elder thorns. J is 15, M is 12 and I is 11. So this year is PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) year again, and this will be the 3rd PSLE I will be going through in my lifetime. LOL. Does it make it any easier. Perhaps I am not so kan-cheong (cantonese for excitable) anymore, but the pain of having to egg your child on, to encourage him when he is already tired from the supplementary classes and CCA’s, is certainly very trying and as any parent out there will testify, physically exhausting.

Whoever said that raising kids was easy has seriously got be kidding. 🙂 There is a large amount of learn-as-you-go-along in being a good father. More often than not, the eldest child is a test case. A guinea pig of sorts. With the experience and lessons of bring J up, we sort not to repeat the same mistakes or say the wrong things when we deal with the other 3. Likewise, when handling M, we apply the same principles to I and V.

I try to keep myself sane by keeping myself active. Wednesday afternoon is golf with the boys. It is a sacrosanct time, where the bunch of us block off everything on our diaries. The few hours that we spend out in the sun, is therapeutic, in that we catch up on the latest news and gossips. (Hey! Guys gossip too!) To quote my friend JL, he says if he misses the Wednesday golf session for whatever reason, he feels worse than a caged tiger at home. Every now and then we will organise a trip overseas without the kids, just golf and makan (malay for food/feast). Just another way to recharge the batteries.

Ever since last June, when I was introduced to digital photography, I have started being more involved in this wonderful expression of art. With J representing the school in Rugby, it was a natural way to get more involved with him, and also to interact more with his friends in a proactive manner. I was asked to cover the team when they went to Australia for a rugby tour, both medically and also as a photographer. As the saying goes, the rest is history.

Apart from sports photography, I found myself more and more drawn towards nature photography, namely Macro-photography.  Macro photography refers to taking close up shots of things big and small, especially, objects and animals usually minute and small. Things that we would otherwise take for granted, because we often miss them with the naked eye.

I hope to be able to share the pictures that I take, not only of the sporting action on the field, but also on the tiny drops of morning dew that surrounds the web lair of the wolf spider. I wish that the photographs that I take will give you an insight into the images that I see through the lens of my camera. They may be that of a young family growing up, a dragonfly resting on the bladed glass, and perhaps the grimace on the face of an athlete as he is tackled by an opponent. This is my life journey. Come share it with me.