Day 5, the heavens opened yesterday, and it did not only rain, it poured. All of us were worried that the 3 little guys would be suffering, and heaven forbid, maybe even perish from exposure to the cold, the rain and the elements. However, this morning, when I peered into the nest, I realised that God had made them from sterner stuff. All 3 were sleeping comfortably, while mum and dad were nowhere to be seen, possibly gathering breakfast for the lot of them.

On looking through the lens, it was obvious that that they had grown somewhat. The first infantile plume of feathers were starting to take shape and form. Their eyes remain shut tight. When the camera flash went off, they sensed the sudden strobe of light and all 3 started opening their mouth wide on reflex. To them, any movement was likely to be Dad and Mum coming back with grub. However, when nothing was stuffed into the gaping mouths, they shut their baby beaks quickly and went back to sleep.

Frankly, the little ones are just like our human newborn babies. Their sole aim in life is just to ” Eat, Sleep and Sh*t” . LOL

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Will update again in 2 days with more pictures.