D7, Eyes of the hatchlings are finally open. Not all the time though, but only if they think that the parents are nearby to feed them.

Both Dad and Mum were busy throughout D6 afternoon buzzing around, bringing food back to the ever hungry chicks. The chicks are now much bigger than when they first hatched. There is now hardly any spare room in the nest. The parents can only stand on the edge of the nest to feed the chicks. We continue to worry if the increasing weight of the chicks will cause the nest to drop to the ground. However, after 2 days of intermittent torrential rain, our fears appear to be unfounded.

More pictures can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tanyongkuan/sets/72157626611879532/with/5671701852/

Also included a couple of pics of Rex our 11 year old golden retriever for good measure! Rex is a real darling! A little more sluggish now, but still a real dear.