7th May 2011. Election Day 2011. A watershed day for Singapore. Nonetheless, it was a non-working Saturday and I took the opportunity to head down to another beautiful spot in our little island. Punggol Point.

Ponggol Point is a little area in the north-east of Singapore. More famous now for being the pick up point for the ferry to the Outward Bound School (OBS) in Pulau Ubin, it is also a spot known for a spectacular morning sunrises, with pretty much unobstructed views of the rising sun.

Being born in Hougang (pronounced ‘Ow-Kang’ in teochew) many moons ago, it always brings a tinge of nostalgia to me whenever I return to this area. No doubt my parents in law now live in Kovan Melody which is just off the old 6 mile junction (or “Lak Kor Jeok” in teochew), coming to Upper Serangoon – Punggol area reminds me of how much the area, and naturally Singapore has come along over the last 30 years. Not far from Punggol Point is the Catholic Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. A church where I was baptised in and where I attended catechism or Sunday school classes as a kid. The church is still there, albeit renovated some, but it is now surrounded by public housing flats and other developments. It is still a treat for me to drive by familiar sights together with my family. The younger ones (V,I and M) are naturally inquisitive and want to know where Daddy grew up in, which church I went to as a child, even which noodle stall I frequented as a child. 🙂

Back to Punggol Point proper. The long road leading to the jetty is still there. However, the seafood restaurant which Punggol Point was once famous for, is gone. The land that it used to stand on, is now being converted into a public park, for the enjoyment of mainly the residents in the nearby Punggol New Town. Back in 1985, during my first year of JC, I remember embarking on a round island bicycle tour with 2 other friends, Sze and TK. Punggol Point was our dinner stop, and I remember that our objective that day was to quickly bike down Punggol Road after dinner, and bypass the cemetery next to at the Church of BVM before 6pm in the evening. We were too chicken to ride by any cemeteries in the night. To think that later in our NS days, we would be traipsing past the major cemeteries in Lim Chu Kang. LOL.

The broadway along the beach at Punggol Point makes the whole area a very pleasant place to bring a loved one for a romantic walk in the evening. Too bad, my dearest wife, C, was too zonked this morning to accompany me for the shoot. Maybe another time.

A beautiful sun this morning indeed. I wonder if it marks the dawn of a new era in Singapore?

More pictures can be seen here @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/tanyongkuan/sets/72157626540399499/with/5695617402/