The first of the 2 remaining hatchlings took to the sky early this morning. I received a call from Grandpa at 10am who was very excited about development. This first chap was apparently more mature, and had no difficulty in his first flight. In the meantime, younger sibling Snowy (V christened the little chap with that name), was left home alone in the empty nest. Never left all alone before, the one room flat of a nest must certainly have suddenly felt like a detached bungalow!

When I got home in the afternoon, the garden was a hive of activity. Grandpa and V were looking on at the nest as both parents were busy feeding Snowy. Something inside me triggered. I rushed up to my room and readied the big gun. Somehow I knew that Snowy was about to go solo. I was not to be disappointed. Within a half hour, Snowy indeed took his trip out of the nest. I was fortunate to get it all on video/

Unfortunately, Snowy did not dare venture beyond the bush below his nest. For a while, it even fell onto the ground below and was seeking refuge on the garden floor. Not a good place to be, since chameleons, ?garden snakes and other predators roamed. Grandpa put on his bird-rescue boots and managed to recover Snowy, before re-placing him back into the safety of the nest. However, the natural curiosity of the young rings true even amongst birds, as Snowy absolutely refused to stay put in the nest for at least one more night. We figured that it was still developing strength in its newly matured wings, and would probably need a day more of fostering. Grandpa wanted to place Snowy into a cage for the night, given that the neighbour’s cat was a frequent visitor in our garden at night. 😦 However, we finally agreed that should anything happen to the bird in the hamster cage, we would blame ourselves for years. On the contrary, if any would happen to Snowy during the night, then that was that, i.e., nature taking its course.

To its credit, Snowy finally settled in on a branch reinforced by some double sided tape next to its branch. It is amazing to see how the little guy falls asleep, tucking his head into his wings, like he wanted to cut out all the noise and distraction around itself.

I hope the weather is kind of him tonight. Just wondering, do birds catch colds or contract pneumonia? Worse still, I hope the pussy cat stays away from our house tonight. Maybe putting Rex on sentry duty might help! However, i seriously doubt it. He is too much of a sleepy head.

More photos taken this afternoon can be seen here: