Tuesday night at the Greenwood Fish Market and Bistro is Oyster night. That means that if you order a main course, which can be a pasta or a seafood dish, you can order any number of freshly shucked Golden Mantle oysters from Vancouver, BC, Canada for just a buck a pop.

My son J and I are bivalve freaks. We just love the taste of raw oysters sliding down our throats. I enjoy adding a dash of lemon on mine, while J likes his with a pinch of tobasco sauce.

There are many ways to take an oyster. The western way is to take it fresh with a bit of lemon juice or tobasco, and if you are a little of wary of raw stuff, you can pour a layer of hot cheese over it, namely Oyster Mornay.

The local Singaporeans have another way of consuming oysters, in the shape of Orjian or fried oyster omelette. The oysters, usually small ones about 5mm in size, are fried in an egg and flour mixture, and taken with a special spicy chilli mix, made a little sour to blend in the taste of the oyster omelette.

My personal preference? Give me the big one, in fact make that a dozen of them, freshly shucked. Either the Belons (flat) from France or the Golden Mantle from Vancouver BC, Canada. Served with a just slices of lemon.

Ahhhh, thanks Bobby (my server for the night), I can take it from here. 🙂