Assassin Bug by Dad Bear
Assassin Bug, a photo by Dad Bear on Flickr.

How time flies, it has been almost a month since I last took a macro shot. Dusting off my macro lens, I went on a morning walk at the Lower Peirce Reservoir with 5 other macro enthusiasts.

Trying a new setup, which included a Raynox magnification diopter in front of my Canon 180mm lens, it was quite a challenge today getting the subjects into focus. So much so, after an hour or so, I removed the Raynox and went back to basics. More training and experience required there.

Just a photo to share. The profile picture is that of an Assassin Bug (or the Sin). Derived from the insect family, Family Reduviidae, the Sin is one of a few insects which farmers regard as beneficial. They are distinguished from other insects by their voracious appetites for other insects. So some farmers actually rear them in their crops to keep the populations of other insects under control.

Sins kill their prey (usually small invertebrates like ants etc) by injecting their toxin laden saliva into them, paralyzing them, making them unable to resist or fight back. Sins will do whatever it takes to get their prey to the point that they will often camouflage themselves with debris, which include the bodies of other dead insects, e.g. termites, or even the heads of previous victims, e,g, ants. They do this to break the outline of their notorious body shape, and also to attract more of the same kind. My good friend Nicky Bay, has a blog on Macro photography in Singapore. He wrote a nice entry which shows the Sin in action.

Not many pictures today, but it was a nice outing with the kakis. We can expect to see more jumping spiders at Lower Peirce soon, once the batch of eggs that the Mama Jumping Spider was guarding, hatches. The complete set can be viewed here: