Blue Hair Beetle by Dad Bear
Blue Hair Beetle, a photo by Dad Bear on Flickr.

Have been looking forward to using my brand new MT-24 twin flash. Many thanks to my big bro Victor Cheah for all the assistance in getting it set up.

What started as a great morning, was unfortunately cut short when the rain started to fall, first in little drops before it really came down, cats, dogs and all.
Great company, as usual! Great to finally meet you, Bro Ho!

A further word on the Rifle Range Road track, we went right and uphill, and the track appeared to have been cleared extensively, esp the first 500m. Many trees have been felled and bushes cleared. It was not surprising perhaps that pickings were few and far between. I dare say, unless the surrounding flora and fauna is allowed to regenerate, RRR might not be a great place in the near future for macro.

My set up:

Canon 7D/180mm/36+20mm/MT-24EX twin flash ETTL/+2EV/ISO 400-800/F14/Shutter 1/200s/ Tripod mounted/

More pics from the morning shoot can be seen here: