One of my good online friends, Willow, is getting married in the US. She has survived many a battle with me in the virtual world of Guild Wars (GW). We met online by chance when we embarked on a similar mission in the MMOPRG world of GW. Since then we have been firm friends, and still belong to the same guild (clan) some 4 years after we met.

I promised Willow that since I couldn’t make it for her wedding in the US, I would send her something. She asked for a calendar made up of pictures taken by me of Sunsets and Sunrises.

Figuring that I probably need a few more good ones to make the collection complete, I embarked on a sunset/sunrise mission.

Attached is a picture of the Upper Peirce Reservoir, taken from the water edge, just below the elevated tee box of the 4th hole of the New Course, Singapore Island Country Club (SICC). Being a member of the club, I play this hole very often, and it is no surprise that the scenery from the tee-box makes this hole the signature of the New Course. Facing west, we get beautiful sunsets during our evening rounds of golf. The scenery is indeed breathtaking, but the presence of water on this hole makes this hole all that much tougher. Together with the 2nd and 3rd hole of the New Course, this stretch of holes circumventing the Upper Peirce and Lower Peirce Reservoirs is a challenge for any accomplished golfer.

I hope to get the calendar up in time, just a couple more shots and we can probably sent them for printing.

Best wishes and congratulations, Willow. I hope you still have time to go online after the wedding!

Pictures from this album can be viewed here: