Grit and Determination, a photo by Dad Bear on Flickr.

In my short photographic journey thus far, I will always remember 18th June 2011 as the night I took my first official journalistic assignent. Thanks to Leslie Tan of, I was given the opportunity to shoot for Redsports, pitch-side, during this week long tournament. For us amateur photographers, it is often the lack of opportunity which slows down our progress. I mean, how often can a photographer get pitch-side (and even access to interview rooms etc) access to shoot close up. Not to mention, the chance to shoot under the floodlights, in the stadium atmosphere not unlike that of an international test match. AWESOME! It was a night to remember for me as my wife C dropped the 3 of us, I, J and myself at Jalan Besar Stadium. I convinced them to come along for the match, and I am sure they had a great time. Registering at the Media Desk and to be issued a media pass with a Canon Professional bib was a thrill in itself. Meeting fellow professionals, many from the press and even one from South Korea, was rather inspiring. One chap even used a massive push trolley to transport his equipment! @_@ I sat next to a pro named Ray who was organising the shoot for Canon and some select photographers. He was friendly to share his settings and some tips. Overall, photographers there were friendly and not standoff-ish. I really enjoyed my first outing there. Back to the match photos: In this pick of my photos, Man of the Match No. 9 of Newcastle United Under-15, latches on to the through ball from a team mate to score NUFC’s 3rd goal of the meaning, giving them a 3-1 lead with 20 minutes to play. A lead which everyone thought was unassailable. Well, everyone but the Young Lions in the Singapore U-15. They stunned the Toon army and the NUFC players with 3 goals in the last 10 minutes. Credit to the Young Lions for their superior fitness. They held NUFC well and should have been at least level at half time, but for wasted chances. They hit the woodwork 3 times in the match and and fluffed numerous shooting chances. As the adage goes, it ain’t over until the fat lady sings, or in this case the referee blows the final whistle. More photos from the game can be seen here: Looking forward to more matches later in the week!