Was returning to Singapore while on cruise with the family on the Legend of the Seas last December 2010. The ship of was docking at about 643am in the morning. It showed a beautiful change in the skylight. Slight motion blur becos of the ship moving, but still acceptable.

Singapore was the world’s busiest port for many years and only displaced at the top by Shanghai in Jan 2011. With Singapore located smack in the middle of major seagoing trade routes, in particular, at the southern most point of the Malacca Straits, Singapore has always been a major port of call in world trade. Here, it is literally a case of East meets West. In the old days, it was usually buyers from the West waiting for goods to be brought in from the East, but of late, the trend has reversed. It is now the world’s biggest consumer in China, waiting to gobble up whatever it can lay its hands on, in particular, raw materials from the West and Australia,to feed its bludgeoning infrastructure projects in China’s many inner cities.

Nonetheless, it was a beautiful morning, and the end of a beautiful holiday with the family. We celebrated my father’s 71st birthday whilst on board. Grandpa was definitely happy to have all his grandchildren around him to help him blow out the candles. Indeed, when we grow old, it is peace and harmony within the FAMILY that matters the most.

More pictures from the trip can be seen here in this album: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tanyongkuan/sets/72157625533858743/with/5286084584/