My wife, C’s sister Jennifer came to Singapore from Australia to visit the family. She was accompanied by her boyfriend, Todd. After a sumptuous seafood dinner along the East Coast, we decided to seize the opportunity to go up to the MBS skypark to have a look at the Singapore skyline at night.
Parking at the MBS was ample, but terribly expensive. I spent $6.50 to park there that evening. And that was for a mere 50 mins. It was a horrible maze getting from one tower to another, looking for the entrance to the skypark. Sign postings were few and far between and not very informative. Perhaps more maps to show people where they were now relative to the whole set-up would be more useful.
When we reached the skypark ticketing booth, we coughed up $20 per head, and were told that the restaurants were closed for a private function. Filled with anticipation, we took the express lifts up to the skypark. Waiting at the top level for us was dark gloomy enclosure, surrounded by acrylic panels with areas cut out but still protected with steel cables to enable photographers to take pictures from. Being a night shoot, a tripod was essential. I had to contort my Explorer tripod (thank you macro!) such that my lens managed to peak through the cables. No black lines traversing my pictures for me! However, the whole setup severely restricted any serious night photography, as clearly, all the planners wanted was to ensure safety, and screw the rest. 😦
We were also much disappointed to see that access to the infinity pool area was restricted. I was hoping to see if I could get a low-level picture of the infinity pool leading to the Singapore skyline. That was not to be, and maybe sometime in the far future when I can summon the courage to fork out $488+++ a night for a room at the MBS.
Nonetheless, the night skyline of Singapore remains breathtaking. I never get tired of seeing it and taking pictures of it. Perhaps it would be even more beautiful when it serves as a backdrop during National Day with the fireworks popping up during the ND parade.
I used a new skill learnt recently to process my photos. Namely a GND filter tool on the Adobe Lightroom. It helped to reduce the glare on the sky, and I feel, it greatly enhances the overall quality of the picture.
Jennifer and Todd left for Malaysia the following day. We hope to see them at the family holiday next year!

More pics from the night shoot at MBS can be seen at