Dawn @ Changi Beach by Dad Bear
Dawn @ Changi Beach, a photo by Dad Bear on Flickr.

National Day 2011, Changi Beach, Singapore. The last time we came to Changi Beach, the sun decided to hide behind some major rain clouds. Fortunately, this time round, it did not disappoint. My friends, WM and Jasper, were tagging along for the first time. When we eventually arrived on the beach at 645am, we were surprised to see at least 6 other photographers already clicking away, as night slowly gave way to day.

Changi Beach, in itself, has a violent history. Back during the second world war, specifically the ‘Sook Ching Massacre”, hordes of young Chinese men were massacred along the water’s edge as the Japanese Secret Police, the ‘Kempai Tai”, all on trumped up charges of being anti-Japanese. Changi Beach was later declared a heritage site of Singapore History, along with the Punggol and Sentosa Beaches.

Being on the eastern most point of the Singapore island, Changi Beach offers beautiful sunrises, along with spectacular views of planes landing at the Changi Airport. For the lucky photographer, a great picture would probably be that of a silhouette of an A380 coming into to land, against a morning sun. Something that my son, I, would salivate for. When the tide is low, we can often see sand dunes which lead out to the sea, making beautiful foreground subjects for landscape photos.

We were done by 730am, and adjourned to a yummy breakfast of wanton noodles at the nearby Changi Village hawker centre.

In the meantime, Happy 46th Birthday Singapore!

More pics can be seen here @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/tanyongkuan/sets/72157627266466057/