Morning Beckons by Dad Bear
Morning Beckons, a photo by Dad Bear on Flickr.

The Seekers of Ra decided to go out for a final sunrise shoot for 2011. It has been quite an eventful year, and I for one, will be glad to see the back of it as we approach 2012.

The kids are all now a year older, and for M, a landmark year having completed his PSLE. A new challenge awaits him as he embarks on his Secondary school like and also life as a teenager. He has done well, and with God’s blessings, he will continue to do well, if not even better in ACS (Barker).
For both I and J, they will do their PSLE and O levels respectively, in 2012. I daresay that if they maintain their work output of 2011, they will be fine. All this together with the numerous rugby training session and competitions throughout the year. I must say that as a father, I am proud of them. It is no mean feat to be able to excel in both in rugby as well as in the classroom. Being able to do both is the mark of an all-rounder. Something very valuable in life.
V enters Primary 3. She is the epitome of a self confident young lady, who works hard to achieve what she wants, and also able balance her time in the books with time on the violin and tennis. The main things that she needs is plenty of familial love, support and motivation.

Looking back at 2011, I remember it for the General Elections in May, the rise of the social media in sharing of views and opinions. I remember the pain and suffering felt in Japan as they were hit by the earthquake in March. I remember the trip with my wife to Zhongdian, Shangri-La, where the bone-chilling winter cold of the Tibetian plains was experienced. I remember the family getaway in Bali, where 18 members of C’s extended family went for a family bonding trip together. It was a blast! 🙂 I remember the snow covered slopes of Club Med Sahoro – Karikachi Kogen, and the exhilaration of feeling the wind and snow flakes in my face as we descended down the snow slope.  I remember the great food along the roadside of Temple Street, HK. I recall the Singapore presidential election and how 4 men named Tan ran for the office of the Singapore President. I remember vividly the last 5 minutes of the B Division final when our lads defended the try line like lions. I remember the relief and joy we all felt, when the referee blew the final whistle at the end of the C Division final, thereby completing the much vaunted Grand Slam for ACS (Independent). I also remember how worried I was when J went down in a heap in the semi final of the SCC’ 7’s tournament, which thankfully turned out to be a mere high ankle sprain and not a fracture that the loud ‘crack’ sound had earlier suggested. I also remember the day our new Golden Retriever, Muffy, joined our family.

2012 will bring with many trials and tribulations, not to mention moments of joy and laughter. And in God we trust, to lead us on the right path.

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